Home News Another 11 cases, a total of 545 infected; Recovered 262

Another 11 cases, a total of 545 infected; Recovered 262


Since the last report on the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Srpska, 171 laboratory samples have been tested at the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Srpska in the last 24 hours and 11 more people confirmed to be positive to coronavirus in the RS, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare said.

The statement said that five infected were from Trebinje, three from Gacko and one each from Bileća, Čelinac and Oštra Luka.

These are five men and six women. Three women are younger, three middle-aged, while all men are middle-aged.

Most individuals have been identified as having family or close contact with persons who have previously confirmed the presence of a new coronavirus or secondary contact. Some people have symptoms of COVID-19, but without a clear epidemiological link, the statement said.

Currently, a total of 545 people have been confirmed with coronavirus in the Republic of Srpska, 17 have died from the disease caused by the new coronavirus, while 262 have been recovered from COVID-19.

39 people working and staying in nursing homes were tested, as well as 18 health workers, including workers at the Hemodialysis Center in Banja Luka. 28 individuals from local quarries or isolation facilities were also tested. All of these samples are negative for the coronavirus.

In the Republic of Srpska, 7,872 people have been tested for coronavirus so far.

At the University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska, a total of 97 people are treated with the confirmed or suspected presence of coronavirus. 34 patients with severe clinical imaging were hospitalized at the COVID-19 ward, while 8 patients are in isolation.

Eight patients require respiratory support and one person is in a non-invasive mode of mechanical ventilation.

There are three patients with mild to moderate clinical form in the Surgery Department (old UCC site) and 43 patients with mild to moderate clinical form in the Pulmonology department (old UCC site).

Four patients with COVID-19 disease were taken care of at the Hospital “St. Apostle Luka” in Doboj, at the General Hospital Trebinje eight people, at the Hospital “Serbia” in East Sarajevo five and at the Hospital “Doctor Mladen Stojanović” in Prijedor two patients.

When it comes to isolation facilities for people who have been confirmed to have a new coronavirus and who have no symptoms of COVID-19, there are 78 people at the Student Center “Nikola Tesla” in Banja Luka, at the Student Hall in Trebinje 18, in Student dormitory in East Sarajevo three and two persons at the Zvornik Student Center.

In the Republic of Srpska, there are currently 4,209 persons under medical supervision, with 19,854 completed.

A total of 58 persons entered the Republic of Srpska at seven border crossings in 24 hours, 63 were quarantined and sent to local quarantines, and currently there are 11 persons at seven border crossings, according to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Of the Republic of Srpska.

The Ministry once again reminded citizens to strictly adhere to the prescribed measures in order to suppress the spread of the new coronavirus.

The Republic of Srpska Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Republic of Srpska Institute of Public Health will continue to regularly inform the public about the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Srpska.




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