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Answers to All Questions in One Book – the Bible


Serbian academician Matija Bećković says on the World Book Day that the coronavirus epidemic has done a great deal for the book as even those who have never read it before, are reading it now, looking for answers, all of which are contained in a single book – the Bible.

“Everyone is looking for a book depicting what we are experiencing, I think of this coronavirus and pandemic that has united the entire world. Everyone is looking for that particular book. They should not be looking for it too long. There is only one book in which everything is already described,” Bećković told SRNA.

He points out that “it may be some kind of justice for us to experience something that our ancestors experienced in previous centuries.”

Commenting on the atmosphere that accompanied this year’s Easter celebrations in Serbia and around the world, Bećković said that only Pilate used to “wash” his hands, which is what everyone is doing today.

“Once upon a time, two thousand years ago, it was only him who washed his hands, while two thousand years later, everyone washes their hands on a daily basis. More often and longer. A priest said that Pilate had guarded the tomb of Christ in order to prevent him from resurrecting. These days we witness the guards outside our churches,” Bećković stated.

Speaking about his work, Bećković says that what he failed to ban himself from doing, which is staying at home, coronavirus did instead, so that he is working a lot during the epidemic and that plenty of work is sitting on his desk, for another hundred years.


Source: srna


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