Home Photo Antistress weekend on Jahorina (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Antistress weekend on Jahorina (PHOTO, VIDEO)


Jahorina quad renting – renting a four-room Jahorina – Antistress weekend on Jahorina

You go on a weekend at Jahorina with hiking, paragliding, panoramic sightseeing Jahorina riding a six-seater, walking on the top of the mountain you are thinking of another adventure along with it. The recommendation is driving the Qvads through the unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes of Jahorina and its surroundings. A good feeling and enjoyment in a healthy, clean mountain air and beautiful mountain areas are guaranteed while driving the quads. ATV driving is a bit of extreme and fun activity, it’s available to everyone who has a driving test and want some extra adrenaline.





For all lovers of 4 × 4 and offroad driving with quads with the help of the squares you will fantastically explore the nature of the mountain Jahorina, to ride through meadows and pastures, ski trails, weekend settlements, forest paths, arranged and unmanaged quad ride paths, and even by mud and stones. Lovers of quads are most often riding on the peaks and the bottom of the mountain Jahorina in unspoiled nature. When driving, you have the possibility to see the squares, record your phones and cameras with a lot of scenes and pictures of the other side of Jahorina. If you do not cope with maps or uninhabited mountain roads, you will be driving accompanied by a guide who knows every area and the surroundings of Jahorina. The guides will guide you through the whole mountain of Jahorina and take them to our locations. The Quad ride is an adventure that is not forgotten and you will be happy to repeat it. Our proposal is a convenient dress with a thin jacket that will not be cold when driving!


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