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Armed attack on Serb houses in Gorazdevac


December 7, Several armed attacks on Serb houses were carried out in the village of Gorazdevac near Pec by unknown perpetrators on Sunday night. No one was injured, while considerable material damage was caused to the property.“Shots fired from automatic weapons at 2.45 am toppled the monument to the victims of NATO air strikes, which is located in the centre of the village,” Ranko Zdravkovic, a member of the interim municipal council of Pec with the seat in Gorazdevac, told Srna.

The gunmen first fired at the house of Sasa Petrovic, then set on fire a car that belongs to Srboljub Kolasinac, set alight the house of Milunka Bukumiric, and finally fired several bursts at the kiosk belonging to Drasko Vuksanovic.

Zdravkovic said that no one had been injured in the attacks, and that considerable damage had been made as the houses of Petrovic and Milunka Bukumiric were targeted with several bursts of fire.

At the time of the attack, the families Petrovic and Bukumiric were sleeping in the rooms that are on the back side of their houses, added Zdravkovic.

The police arrived at the scene immediately after the attacks, suspended the traffic through Gorazdevac, but according to Zdravkovic, that was all they did.

The police are expected to start an on-site investigation on Monday morning.

Zdravkovic notes that the residents of Gorazdevac are upset as this was the “third or fourth attack” on the villagers. Zdravkovic concluded the goal of the attack was to encourage the Serbs from the only Serb enclave in the Pec region to move out.

Source: SRNA


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