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Arms Industry of Srpska Has Much to Offer


The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship, Vjekoslav Petričević said that Srpska’s companies in the field of arms industry have much to offer on the international market because they have a long tradition, good references and excellent engineering staff.

He added that this, combined with low production costs and partnerships with reputable companies such as Russia’s Rostec, could result in competitive products being offered.

The minister spoke with a delegation of Russian arms industry companies, led by representatives of the state-owned Rostec Corporation with the aim of implementing the Memorandum of Co-operation in the field of technological development and innovation, signed last August at the Moscow International Aviation Summit.

Petričević said that he was pleased with the negotiations, expecting the first results this year, adding that the cooperation with Rostec and Srpska’s companies in the field of the arms industry, opened a new perspective of development and market entry with the  Russian Federation.

It is planned that the Russian delegation visits the ”Tehnički remont” Bratunac and the ”Elvaco MetPro” Bijeljina, with whom the talks are already intensified.




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