Home Economy Artificial Reservoir for Irrigation of Gornje Polje Coming Soon

Artificial Reservoir for Irrigation of Gornje Polje Coming Soon


Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska, Boris Pašalić announced that the construction of a reservoir of capacity of about 230,000 cubic meters will be completed in a few months, which will irrigate 280 hectares of land at the Gornje Polje site in the Ljubinje area.

Pašalić said that this project is worth 2,7 million KM and will be financed through the funds of the Government of Republic of Srpska, through the project with the World Bank and with the participation of the local community.

He said that the construction of the reservoir, which will have a pipeline of something less than 14 kilometers in length, will create conditions for irrigation, and expressed the expectation that the full effect in production will be seen in the coming period.

Pašalić pointed out that this is a good example of how cooperation between local and republic authorities can lead to a significant project that will serve the population of Ljubinje.

Ljubinje Mayor Darko Krunić said that this project will be of great importance to residents whose only source of income is mostly agriculture.

He added that cherry and plum orchards are represented in the municipality, but also that the population is engaged in growing peppers and onions for which water is needed in particular.




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