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As of This Morning, a Ban on Entry to Foreign Nationals; Entry Denied for Five Persons


At the border crossings in BiH, the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers on the prohibition of entry of foreign nationals into BiH, within the framework of measures to combat the coronavirus, began.

Head of the Border Police Director Radiša Samardžija’s office said the decision was delivered last night and was immediately sent to all Border Police field offices, and that five entries to BiH were refused at border crossings this morning.

– This morning four Serbian citizens and one Romanian citizen were denied entry to BiH, Samardžija said.

In addition to the ban on entry to foreign nationals, the Council of Ministers also decided to close four airports in BiH for the passenger but not cargo traffic. The decision takes effect on March 30.

The decision was made to suspend the issuance of visas at diplomatic missions and consular posts abroad said Chairman Zoran Tegeltija.




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