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Assistant Professor Faculty of Law With 39 Tens in the Index


Brano Hadži-Stević from Bijeljina is the best student in the history of the Faculty of Law of the University of East Sarajevo, with all tens in the index, since the end of last year working in this higher education institution.

He is Assistant Professor in the Theory of State, Law and Legal Standardization, in Pale and Bijeljina. Along with teaching students, he set himself new goals. He enrolled in master studies in Belgrade, writes scientific papers and sees his future in the Republic of Srpska.

He passed all 39 exams during his studies in the Bijeljina department of the Faculty of Law. He graduated on June 27 last year, replacing the bench with a chair.

– I have proven to myself that everything can be done if you are well organized if you love what you do. So somehow, among other things, my goal is to arouse the students’ desire for knowledge. On the other hand, the courses on which I am an assistant are introductory subjects, so if we do not do a good job “on that introductory subject” then later they may have problems with other subjects – said Hadži-Stević.

He continued to pursue scientific research and enrolled in master studies in Belgrade, as they have a special direction for each subject.

– That’s why I went to Belgrade, enrolled in this theoretical-legal module and the legal-theoretical submodule. So, I study the theory of state and law in the narrowest possible sense – explained Hadži-Stević.

He never thought of packing his suitcases and looking for perspectives outside of Srpska. His place, he says, is under this sky.

– My advice would be to stay here and to build a better future together, not to wait for others to do something, but if we step by step and think positively, among other things, that we can change, I am sure that the result in the long run to come – said Hadzi-Stević.

We must appreciate what we have in order to have more tomorrow, said Hadži-Stević, who strives for a better life and social order and strives to contribute to that. So he followed in the footsteps of his great-grandfather who, in 1900, was a law doctor.




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