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Astonishing Beauty of Zelenkovac (FOTO)/(VIDEO)


A place of good festivals, a favorite destination for painters and musicians, a picnic area for nature lovers, an oasis where you can breathe clean air, drink spring water and local brandy are just some of Zelenkovac’s epithets. The hills, streams, evergreens and logs are making this place magical.

Zelenkovac is a mountain resort, located near the village of Podrasnica in the municipality of Mrkonjić Grad in the Republic of Srpska.

The Zelenkovac mountain resort intersects the stream of the same name, which springs on the slopes of Mount Lisina and flows through a pine forest.

Watermills built hundreds of years ago, are settled on the creek. They were remodeled into a painting studio and gallery by the painter Borislav Jankovic.

In addition to fine art, the gallery contains ethnographic and other cultural content. In 2002, Zelenkovac gained the status of an ecological zone.




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