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Attempt to incriminate Dodik – Attack on Republika Srpska


Political analyst Miroslav Lazanski says that the Prosecutor’s Office order to search the facilities and examine the bank accounts used by the president of Republika Srpska, if such a decision was actually issued, is consequently an attack on Republika Srpska. “It is an attempt to dethrone the president of Republika Srpska, both as a person and as the holder of the highest position in Republika Srpska. I see it as an attack on Republika Srpska since, given that President Dodik will not succumb to political blackmails from the West, they are trying to incriminate him as a person,” Lazanski told Srna.

Assessing that this is similar to what is happening to Russian President Vladimir Putin and that it is “absolutely the same pattern of behaviour,” Lazanski added that “this talk would not exist if President Dodik were politically adaptable and behaved in line with what the West wants.”

Lazanski said that what is happening is not an initiative from Sarajevo alone, because none of the local politicians in Sarajevo could come up with this idea, “nor have the courage to have a go at such an operation without the mentorship from the West.”

“I really don’t know what they are trying to accomplish here. Are they trying to remove President Dodik from his position, or are they trying to accomplish the end goal, to drown Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina and make it disappear as a separate entity? I can’t see any other goal here. This has been expected, it’s been known for awhile,” said the analyst.

It is stupid to talk about judiciary at the state level in Bosnia and Herzegovina and words should not be wasted on the composition of “such a court and prosecutor’s office, which employ foreigners and where the Serbs are constantly a minority.”

“What is the court that has three foreign judges? What is the name of the state where 20 years after its formation you have foreign judges? That’s the million-dollar question. There was no such thing in Germany or Japan after the Second World War. Twenty years after the Dayton Agreement, foreigners ‘tailor’ the judicial system and decide on the judicial system in BiH! That’s unbelievable No such thing has ever appeared in the ‘Believe it or not’ section. There’s no such thing in Ripley’s,” said Lazanski.

He noted that the Court and Prosecutor’s Office of BiH are totally illegal and asserted that not a single citizen of BiH, let alone the Serbs, should observe it peacefully.

“Never mind that the Prosecutor’s Office and Court, which are trying to have power over Republika Srpska, have already diminished all provisions of the Dayton Agreement. There are attempts to legitimise something that goes contrary to the Dayton Agreement, something that is outside the treaty, and make it perform the so-called judicial activity in the areas where it is not foreseen by the Dayton Agreement. That is the next step towards dismantling Republika Srpska,” submitted Lazanski.

He asserted that the possible decision to search the premises used by the Srpska president was made because “they are afraid that the citizens of Republika Srpska might reject, at a referendum, any kind of power and clearly opt against such judiciary which they are trying to create.”

He concluded: “This is actually an absurd situation and Republika Srpska should not give in, because if it does, then I’m afraid that the next request will be even tougher and more tangible with respect to the existence of Republika Srpska. Republika Srpska has been attacked by this through the figure of President Dodik.”

As Srna has found, on January 14 the BiH Prosecutor’s Office issued an order for a search of the premises, bank accounts and all transactions used by Srpska President Milorad Dodik.

Source: SRNA


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