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Auction of the 16th Bonds issue completed


Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska, at two day of Auction in the Banja Luka Stock Exchange, has sold bonds in value 58.7 million BAM, with an effective interest rate of 4.999.​
Source Banjaluka Stock Exchange:

Auction date 01.06.2016 and 02.06.2016
Number of offered bonds 60,000
Nominal (par) value 1,000.00
Planned amount of issue 60,000,000
Maturity 10 years
Nominal (par) value payment  at maturity date
Coupon rate 5.00%
Interest payment yearly
Number of bonds sold 58,712
Succes of public offering 97.85%
Sell price 100.01%
Effective interest rate 4.999%
Total value of bonds sold 58,717,871.20
Total amount of submitted bids 58,770,911.20
Payment (registration) date 03.06.2016.
Symbol at the auction RSBD-O-R
Highest offered price / interest rate  price 100.35% / rate 4.955%
Lowest offered price / interest rate price 100.01% / rate 4.999%



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