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Authorities in Srpska absolutely stable


September 10 – Prime minister of the Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic said that authorities in Srpska are absolutely stable and that it has been like that since parliamentary majority in Srpska was established and Government formed, after last year’s elections. Cvijanovic stressed that Srpska Government is successful in realization of planned projects and activities, despite of complicated economical and financial situation which influenced whole region.
“That, of course, isn’t always going fast enough as we might want, but it is very important that we did not give up on any significant project, neither reduced rights or transfers from the budget. Speaking on political situation, I think what we are in advantage, considering other entity or BiH level, because authorties of Republika Srpska are based on clearly established parliamentary coalition majority, tested in past two mandates, which guarantees stability of institutions” said Cvijanovic for ”Vecernji list”, BiH edition.

Reminding that opposition used to impose the thesis about being close to take a majority in parliament, Cvijanovic stressed that what happened was opposite, because it began to crumble even that which they previously possessed.
She said that Government will seek to fulfill all it’s obligations until the end of the year, although it did not receive a tranche of the IMF almost for a year, and it will do everything that budget users don’t suffer any greater consequences because the lack of IMF funds.

“We are not receiving IMF tranches almost for a year, because lack of those which we were supposed to get by the end of the last year and the ones after that, and we lived through it, we have payed checks, pensions, done current liabilities, serviced the debt and returned more debt than we borrowed. Lack of IMF funds has impeded the implementation of obligations, and there were problems, but we have succeed”, said Srpska PM.

On question does she expects support of partners in National assembly of Srpska, on vote amendment of labor law, Cvijanovic said that this is the law which is part of Reform agenda, which all levels of authorities have adopted, and almost all political parties, because each one of them is in the ruling political block at some level of government.

She stressed that it would be logical for all parties to vote the amendment, but she is not expecting that SDS, PDP or NDP vote for it in National assembly of Srpska, even though they supported Reform agenda.

Source: SRNA/The Srpska Times
Translation: A.P.


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