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Frontal Blog Challenge Vol.2 -Awarding the Most Successful participants


The ceremony of awarding the most successful participants of the “Frontal Blog Challenge” program was held in Sarajevo, on Monday.

Frontal Blog Challenge is a training program for bloggers, representatives of political parties, decision makers, representatives of online media and NGOs, and socially engaged young people who want to learn skills and tools with which they can successfully advertise on social networks and through the blog. The participants had the opportunity to learn through interactive workshops and lectures about the use of the Internet for the purpose of promoting, increasing visibility and earning through the blog.

According to the criterion of readiness, text quality, interactions with other portals and bloggers, according to the criterion of engagement, Irma Plavcic from Visoko was declared the winner of the “Frontal Blog Challenge” training program. Second place went to young and promising Mirela Bikovic from Tuzla, and third place to Seja Ivkovic from Jablanica, who showed responsibility and maturity during this program engagement.

As part of the “Frontal Blog Challenge” training, participants had the opportunity to learn from the most famous experts from the region, also listen to experiences and get advice from famous bloggers like Srdjan Puhalo, Denis Cakardzic, Petar Vojnovic and Adis Nadarevic.

“It was a great honor for me to be a part of the great Frontal Blog Challenge project and to work with the professional frontal portal team for the past months. To learn from the best in the sphere of blogging, social networks, public relations, to hear the successful stories of those who, by their writing, are moving and changing the awareness of our society was a special pleasure. It was nice to observe how in a relaxed atmosphere of socializing, and with the constructive advice of the mentor of the project, great texts arise that emanate different spheres of interest from the participants, as well as an inseparable connection of friendship from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Frontal Blog Challenge showed that there are interesting, positive and still untold stories worthy of our attention in BiH, and that the great interest in the project itself is a clear sign that it is worthwhile to invest in education, especially in the field of blogging, “said this year’s winner Irma Plavcic.

Award for the best blogger “Frontal Blog Challenga Vol. 2” was awarded by last year’s winner Denis Carkadzic.

More information about Frontal Blog Challenge can be found on social networks following the official hashtag project #FrontalBlogChallenge, or directly on the portal Frontal.

The project is being implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source: Frontal


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