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Awards for the Best Volunteers in Srpska


The Republic Award for the best organizer of volunteering was given to the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska, which was awarded a plaque and a sum of money worth four average salaries in Srpska, which amounts to 3,624 KM.

On the occasion of December 5, the International Volunteer Day, the Ministry of Family, Youth, and Sports of the Republic of Srpska awarded the best volunteering organizer and the four best volunteers in Srpska.

The best volunteers were Momir Ašonja from Istočno Sarajevo, Darko Vranić from Foča, Jovana Popović from Šamac, and Milan Duvnjak from Gradiška, who were awarded medals and a sum of 1,812 KM or the value of two average coats.

The Minister of Family, Youth, and Sports of the Republic of Srpska, Sonja Davidović, said that this year was a great warning for everyone and that she reminded the citizens of the need to be responsible, empathetic, and to help each other.

After the reception for the winners of the Republic Award for Volunteering, Davidović stated that this is an opportunity to thank all the volunteers in Srpska, who do a lot for the community, but also for every individual who needs any help.

– The role of volunteers in the coronary virus pandemic was extremely important, which is why today we want to thank everyone who worked for the benefit of others. All these young people are a motivation for others to be humane – Davidović told reporters in Banja Luka.

The Secretary-General of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska, Snježana Kovač, expressed her satisfaction with the award for the best volunteering organizer.

– Today, only here on behalf of 3,000 volunteers gathered in the organizations of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska, who achieved 288,000 hours of volunteer work. I am happy that the Ministry recognized the Red Cross as an organization that should be given this kind of recognition. This award is just wind in the back for our volunteers – said Kovač.

She added that this organization gathers volunteers from primary school age to late years, emphasizing that everyone is welcome.

One of the best volunteers in Srpska, Jovana Popović from Šamac, stated that this year she had 1,296 hours of volunteer work.

– Due to the pandemic, this year was full of challenges, but we tried to overcome them all. It is a nice feeling when you know that someone has recognized your commitment and this award is the result of many years of work – said Popović.




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