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Awards to Young Innovators From Banja Luka


The students of the Grammar School and Nursing School in Banja Luka, who participated at the International festival of innovation, knowledge and creativity ”Tesla Fest 2019” in Novi Sad, were presented with awards. The high school ceremony was also attended by the Speaker of Republic of Srpska’s National Assembly, Nedeljko Čubrilović, who sponsored their participation in the festival.

Milica and Petar, with their classmates, won medals before at competitions and festivals. This time wasn’t any different. They won two gold and two silver medals. They didn’t have lack of ideas.

– The application is based on a principle that when a user enters their parameters from blood and urine analysis, the application provides us with differential diagnosis, additional diagnostics and medical advice – explained Milica Kecman, a student of Nursing School.

Petar Kecman, a student of Banja Luka’s Grammar School, said the application was designed as a teaching aid in chemistry classes that helps in calculating, explaining lessons, and thus helping professors reduce the time they spend at the board explaining lessons.

The acknowledgments and support they receive are the impetus for further work.

– Our students, wherever they go, achieve results, so we are grateful to Mr. Čubrilović, and this is an impetus for further our work – said Vita Malešević, the principal of Banja Luka’s Grammar School.

Award-winning students are role models for new generations and will contribute to social development.

– At the ”Tesla Fest” they showed that Banja Luka’s Grammar School and Nursing School have tradition, rating, quality and that they will not need support in the future, that they will be recognized by the society – said Nedeljko Čubrilović, the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

Čubrilović emphasized that Srpska strives to make the responsible and hard work of professors valued as much as possible.




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