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Baby Boom in Serbian Maternity Wards in Kosovo and Metohija


About 900 babies were born in maternity wards in Kosovska Mitrovica, Pasjan and Gračanica, which operate in the Republic of Serbia system.

Since the beginning of 2019, a total of 898 babies have been born in Kosovo maternity hospitals operating in the Republic of Serbia.

In Kosovska Mitrovica, 504 healthy babies were born between the beginning of the year and yesterday afternoon. In Gračanica, 258 healthy boys and girls have been born this year. According to doctors, 136 healthy babies have been born in Pasjan today.

– 136 babies have been born since the beginning of 2019. In the previous year, 141 babies were born, however, it remained almost a week until the New Year, so we hope to surpass that figure – said Chief Medical Technician at the Gjilan Health Center, Sreten Trajković, adding that a professional team of doctors performed 62 cesarean cuts and 74 natural births.

Twenty-five-year-old Maja Stević from Grnčari near Klokot points out that she is satisfied with the treatment she receives at the Gynecology Department in Pasjan.

The Pasjan hospital, which opened in 2015, is of great importance to residents south of Ibar, as they no longer have to go to some of the cities of Central Serbia for treatment. The opening of the gynecological ward has also contributed to raising women’s awareness of prevention.

– It means a lot when you have a place to go for an examination, it is closer here; earlier we went to Gracanica or Vranje – said thirty-seven-year-old Ankica Dimić from Mogile, a village in the Vitina region.

– I am satisfied, there are expert doctors, it was much more expensive before we went to Vranje, my two children were born there. It is much better now, it is closer to u – says forty-two-year-old Desanka Milenković from Pasjan.

In addition to childbirth, this department also performs complex operations in the field of gynecology, so patients from central Serbia can often be found here.

National barriers have been broken so that Albanian patients receive adequate treatment at the institution.

Initially, it was not easy to gain patients’ trust.

– I have been there from the beginning, since the opening in 2015. That beginning and this cannot be compared today. The beginning was very difficult, but over time it all came together and now we have phenomenal working conditions – Trajković points out.

It was here that Dr. Marina Jovanović, a gynecologist, was challenged to try her own profession.

– It was a dream for me while I was in specialization and when I came back – to work in a hospital because working in a hospital not only involves gynecological examinations, ultrasound examinations, this preventive medicine, but also childbirth, cesarean sections, and other types of operations that we now work here in Pasjan, thanks to doctors who come from outside and train us – said Jovanović, noting that they can parry other major institutions.

The beginning of labor and the first childbirth most employees experience emotionally. They functioned as a family, and the aim was to revive childbirth in the Kosovo Pomeranian region after the 1999 riots.

– For the first births we had the impression that they were closest to us, as if they were the first neighbors, relatives, friends, and women were an integral part of our lives. We followed them from the first to the last day. We looked after the babies and as for the food, the diapers, we looked to help in every way possible, as we do now – Dr. Marina recalls the first working days in the maternity ward.

– When the first baby was born here, we rejoiced. Personally, I felt as when my children were born. From the porters, the gynecologist, the whole staff, we were all happy, we were literally honored for that first birth – recalls Trajković, a man who has been at this institution since the first day of its founding.

The hospital in Pasjan is located outside the village, near the road leading to Presevo. Pasjane is a Serbian village with a population of about 2,500, and besides the hospital there are three schools – Gymnasium, Medical and Primary School “Miladin Popović”, Parteć Municipality and Post of Serbia.


Source: RTRS




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