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Balkan Venture Forum B&H to be held mid May in Jahorina


The fifth investment “Balkan Venture Forum B&H” will be held on the 15th and 16th May in Jahorina. Around 200 participants are expected to attend, while 50 business ideas will be presented to at least 25 investors from the region, Europe and the US by entrepreneurs from the Balkans.

The forum funded by the EU within the framework of the project “Initiative venture capital funding in the Balkans” /VIBE, with support from the Innovative Centre Banjaluka, will focus on business ideas in the field of information and communication technologies, clean technology and life sciences.

Independent companies based in the Balkans belonging to this sector and seeking additional funding can apply to participate in the largest investment forum for entrepreneurship and innovation in South East Europe.

The top ranked companies at the “Balkan Venture Forum B&H” will be given the opportunity to present themselves at the European Venture Summit, held in December in Dusseldorf, which will feature more than 100 companies.

Companies can register for attendance at the forum by the 31st of March on www.vibeproject.eu .


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