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BAM 16,5 million for 40,000 workers from budget


Republika Srpska Emergency Staff Commander and Prime Minister, Radovan Višković, says BAM 16.5 million will be allocated from the Srpska budget for taxes and contributions for approximately 40,000 workers from the sectors worst hit by the crisis caused by the coronavirus, while their employers should provide net wages.

Višković pointed out that the Srpska Government and the Staff took the position to cover the most vulnerable six or seven sectors such as catering, tourism, transport, other services and entrepreneurs with the measure.

“The government will pay taxes and contributions in the amount of BAM 16.5 million from the budget for approximately 40,000 workers employed in these sectors. Since people were working by mid-March, our position is that it is realistic and correct for employers to pay net wages, while the taxes and contributions will be paid from the budget, i.e. the amount up to the gross salary level,” Višković emphasized, commenting on requests submitted to the Government by the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce.

Višković said they were waiting for the Republika Srpska National Assembly’s decision on declaring a state of emergency to come into force so that they could implement the decision.

He recalled that the aforementioned sectors were also listed as the most threatened by the Chamber of Commerce, whose requests and proposals to remedy the effects of the coronavirus were being received nearly on daily basis.

“We will also do additional analyzes to see if any entity individually, as there are such entities, have suffered the damage caused by this crisis without being directly affected by our decisions to ban work. We will do this analysis and see to meet the needs of those people and assist them,” Višković said.


Source: srna


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