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Banja Luka and Zagreb ready to cooperate

Gavranovic - Bandic

The first official meeting of delegates from Banja Luka and Zagreb marks the start of collaboration between the two cities, agreed the mayors Gavranovic and Bandic.

They announced a second meeting, to be held in the first months of next year, prior to which they will establish concrete relations in the fields of economy, infrastructure, transport and other issue which divide these two cities.

Mayors have a responsibility to be “missionaries, connecting people, spaces and the nation as a whole”, added Slobodan Gavranovic.

Zagreb’s mayor Milan Bandic, thanked Banja Luka for its hospitality and for implementing this meeting, noting that the exchange of experiences is beneficial for both cities.

“I have friendly relations with all three constitutive peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is my duty to help the Croatian people as much as I can, given the position I hold”, said Bandic.

He added that he is particularly happy that the cooperation between the Catholic High School in Banja Luka and the mayor and his officials will solve the high schools financial problems.


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