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Banja Luka: Art Cinema Opened in Banski Dvor


As of today, art cinema is working in Banja Luka, a new scene for cultural content in the Banski Dvor. The chamber hall, with about 50 seats, is intended for screenings of documentaries and student films, that is, non-commercial content.

Presenting the new project, Mladen Matović, director of the Banski Dvor, pointed out that this is the third space within the Banski Dvor, which has been open for cultural content in the past two years.

In addition to offering a quality cultural program, our concept is also based on the launch of new scenes for cultural content. Earlier we opened an art yard and an art terrace. The first screenings in the art cinema will start as early as February this year – Matović said, adding that 2019 was one of the most successful years of operation of the Banski Dvor, with more than 120 different cultural contents.

Mayor Igor Radojičić expressed his satisfaction with the opening of another cultural scene in the city and stressed that art cinema will be available to all citizens.

The Banski Dvor has recently become the true epicenter of cultural events in our city. Rich facilities and short terms throughout the year show that Banski Dvor’s leadership is on track. In addition to the rich program content, we also worked on the infrastructure renovation of the Banski Dvor. The roof was reconstructed, the façade was restored, ambient lighting was installed, and we are currently working on the landscaping of the Banski Dvor- said Radojičić.

He added that several salons within the Banski Dvor, where the future Banja Luka Museum should be located, are planned for this year.




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