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Banja Luka: “Citizen patrol” for better communication between citizens and city services


Mobile application “Citizen patrol”, by which citizens of Banja Luka can report municipal problems to the municipal services, is operational since yesterday.

The application is available on the Play and App platforms.

This application, which will be used for the first time in Banja Luka, allows citizens to photograph by mobile phone on a particular issue they encounter and inform the relevant city service about it, which will take the necessary steps, announced the City Administration.

“Citizens’ patrol” is primarily intended for reporting communal irregularities, such as faulty traffic signals, damage to public areas / cart track, sidewalks and pedestrian zones.

Citizens can also report cases of wild dumps, defective containers, dirt and damage to public and green surfaces, clogged drains, damage to park equipment, canopies / bus stations, urban equipment and parking devices, and stairs and fences, as and defective public lighting.

Users of “Citizen patrols” use the application without registration and do not forward personal data, and all applications are anonymous.

The application was put into operation with the aim of raising the efficiency of communication between citizens and city services.

The City Administration urges citizens to use this application as much as possible and thus, together with the city administration, solve the observed irregularities.

“Citizens patrol” is a domestic product, which was donated to the City of Banja Luka by the Banja Luka company DVC solutions.




Source: Nezavisne


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