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Banja Luka: Public bicycle renting system is in function


Banja Luka joined large family of world cities using a public bicycle rental system. Mayor of Banja Luka, Igor Radojičić, announced the start of this system in our city called “BL bike”. Mayor Radojičić gave cards to the first beneficiaries of the system, students in Banja Luka.

In a statement to reporters, Radojičić emphasized that Banja Luka has become part of the global system, so-called – bike sharing and that we are the 150th city in the world using the Next bike system.

– Bicycles are available today to the citizens of Banja Luka and tourists who come to our city. At four locations in the city, we offer 30 bicycles. Rental prices are popular, the annual ticket is 20 KM and the monthly five. The aim is to popularize a healthy lifestyle, to use healthier forms of transport as much as possible, and as few motor vehicles as possible – said Radojicic, adding that the project also includes the adoption of a regulatory plan for the narrow center of the city, which foresees removal of almost all parking lots from the roads and will allow more places for cycling and hiking trails.

Nextbike Manager Sebastian Slebuh of Leipzig thanked the warm welcome in Banja Luka and said that their vision is to make the world more inclined towards more healthy and environmental friendly modes of transport.

– Our company started operating in 2005 in Germany and Banja Luka is the 150th city in which we installed our system. We invite citizens to get information about our system, because membership in one city becomes our beneficiary all over the world – said Slebuh.

Tihomir Dakić from the Center for Environment said that this system will contribute to the movement of the citizen in Banja Luka, and expressed the belief that the City will manage the system very well.


Interested users can register online (www.nextbike.ba, and the link is also on our site, in the section “Our more advanced services”), by mobile application, directly at the terminal or at the premises of the Department of Transportation and Roads. By coming to the terminal and authentication, the system automatically unlocks the bike. Upon termination of the journey, the user returns the bike to one of the terminals, and the system automatically processes and charges depending on the time of use of the bike. The annual membership fee is 20 KM, and citizens can use bicycles in 150 cities of the world by paying this membership fee. According to the valid price list for Banja Luka, the first half hour is free, and every next hour is charged 1,50 KM, while driving longer than five hours (maximum 24 hours) costs 20 KM.





Source: City of Banja Luka


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