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Banja Luka to get the largest Shopping Center in BiH next Year?


Banja Luka will get the largest shopping centre in BiH at the beginning of next year. Although “Delta Planet” is still under the construction, all sales premises of the future shopping center have already been rented. Besides the object that will occupy more than 60,000 square meters, this part of the city will get a different look as well.

The construction of concrete structures is in the final phase, and they are also working on the roof and the façade. More than 500 workers are engaged in order for Banja Luka to be included in the list of the greatest shopping centers in the region.

Investors are satisfied with the construction of this 70 million EUR worth object.

Together with the new shopping center, this part of Banja Luka will also get a new look. A new roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of the Boulevard of Serb Army and the Street of Olympic Winners, for which was completed project documentation and a tender will be announced soon. However, it will slightly differ from most of the roundabouts in the city.

The facility with almost 40,000 square meters of space will include some of the most famous brands in the world. Although citizens are most interested in that information, investors do not want to reveal the names of their tenants yet.

“That will be a really great surprise in this region. We will have a great mix of both international and domestic brands. We will bring some new names in this region,” stated director of design and the construction of “Delta Real Estate”, Katarina Gajic.

Besides a large number of new stores, this shopping centre will also include the largest cinema with six halls, as well as a supermarket, gastro section with restaurants and about 1,000 parking places. The most important thing is that around 1,500 people will be employed.




Source: sarajevotimes


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