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Banjaluka: 27 years since the death of 12 babies (VIDEO)


The deaths of 12 Banjaluka babies, who died in 1992 due to lack of oxygen, was premeditated crime of world bureaucracy that did not allow the cure to be delivered to them, said Nedeljko Mitrović, the head of the Republika Srpska Organisation of families of captured and killed soldiers and missing civilians.

(Nedeljko Mitrović)

“As if a sniper rifle was taken and a fixed target was shot dead. Practically, the United Nations took part in this murder by banning flights over BiH,” Mitrović told.

He recalled that the babies died in the period between May 22 and June 19, 1992, the thirteenth baby lost her battle for life 13 years later, while the surviving fourteenth baby suffered severe physical and mental damages.

Mitrović believes that the attitude of the world public towards this unaccountable crime would certainly have been different if it was not about the Serbs.

He suggested that Republika Srpska institutions should try to initiate a procedure of accountability through the Prosecutor’s Office in order to provide the least satisfaction for the victims and their families.

The UN Security Council’s decision banned international flights in May and June 1992, including those with oxygen bottles from Belgrade to Banjaluka, which resulted in the deaths of 12 newly born babies who were in the incubators.

The first baby died on May 22, 1992, followed by agony and the deaths of other babies. By June 19, 1992, 12 babies died in Banjaluka, who have become a symbol of human rights violation and inhumanity of the international community.

Thirteenth baby Sladjana Kobaš lost her battle for life at the age of 14, and the fourteenth baby Marko Medaković sustained long term damages over the lack of oxygen.


Source: srna


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