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Banjaluka: Marked 26 years since the death of 12 babies


By laying wreaths and flowers, today in Banjaluka marked 26 years since the death of 12 babies.

In 1992, 14 babies were born in the Clinical Center of Banjaluka, which needed oxygen. Oxygen could not be delivered  by air because of the ban of the UN Security Council for flights over BiH. 12 babies died due to lack of oxygen. 13 babies Slađana Kobas died 13 years later, and fourteenth baby Mark Medakovic’s lack of oxygen left the consequences for the whole life.

Zeljka Tubic, secretary of the Association “12 Baba”, said that innocent children are not forgiving to anyone, and so they can not forgive the UN’s  Security Council because they knew that their innocent, newly born babies were killed by their ban.

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik pointed out that this is a unique example of innocence and crime, and that the perpetrators of that time, by doing so, have triggered the spiral of many other crimes that have taken place and are happening today.

He stressed that we are still witnessing that the Security Council did not change  matrix of condemnation of the Republika Srpska and the Serbian people.

The marking of the anniversary was attended by the highest officials of Republika Srpska as well as numerous citizens of Banjaluka. The wreaths were passed by the mothers of the 12 babies, the President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik, the Government delegation, the Delegation of the Republican and City Organizations of Families of Armed and Defeated Soldiers and Missing Civilians, the Deputy Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dijana Cekic and many others.




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