Home Social Banjaluka to host an international cooking competition?

Banjaluka to host an international cooking competition?


Chefs Nemanja Nenadic and Dragan Crncevic from Banjaluka, along with their colleagues Bojan Dragic and Dragan Sljivic, are piling up medals in gastronomy and their next plan is to host a big cooking competition in the capital of Srpska.

Namely, their idea is to organize the first Carving Cup and International Gastronomy Festival in Banjaluka. Dragic says that they currently have a number of interested parties, about 500 contestants, including cooks from Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Romania and Poland.

These skilled chefs recently at the 12th International Gastronomic Festival in Istanbul won numerous medals in several categories. Apart from their success in Istanbul, each of the chefs has won over 20 medals during his career, while they sharpen their cooking skills throughout restaurants in Srpska.



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