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Banski Dvor – the pride of Banja Luka


The cultural center Banski Dvor is one of the most important and emblematic buildings in Banja Luka.
When the Vrbas Banovina was established in 1929 and its first Ban Tisa Milosavljevic assigned, there was a need to erect representative edifices for the Ban’s Government and the Ban’s Court. The construction works began in March 1931 and the inauguration took place on November 8. 1932, and during their first years it was the headquarter of the governor of the Vrbas Banovina province. But since 1950 it serves as a cultural center and since 1998 it is a public institution.
The palace were built in neo-classical style with the influences of the Serbian-Byzantine architecture, and still preserves the most lavishly decorated interiors in the city being one of the most sumptuous buildings in Banja Luka.
The stunning landmark building it is home to more than 300 hundred performances per year, like concerts, lectures,art exhibitions and art studio, as well as many cultural events and discussions.
Drawn by this beauty and their fabulous free events, the Banski Dvor aim is to be a reference in the cultural life of the city where all sorts of people, are welcome to attend and perform with independence of their religion, nationality or gender.

Denisa Kralova

Source: Balkan Insight


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