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Bear Grylls: I would visit the wild areas of Serbia with Đoković


Bear Grylls, a world-renowned adventurer and author of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”, broadcasted on National Geography, said he did not rule out the possibility of filming one of the shows in Serbia.

“The natural beauties of your country are spectacular. Usually, when are choosing locations for shooting, we choose the ones that can offer us diversity, and Serbia offers a full package – mountains, rivers, forests, rich nature and incredible wilderness. If Novak Đoković, whom I appreciate a lot and whose big fan I am, agreed to be a guest in of the coming seasons, we would definitely come to Serbia”, Bear Grylls said.

The adventurer added that the Serbian tennis player is a strong role model and that he would like to hear his story about love for Serbia.

Bear Grylls referred to Roger Federer’s guest appearance on his show, when the Swiss and he conquered the Alps, adding that he would film the show with Đoković in the same style.

“Our show is without boundaries. We have very intense experience surrounded by real wilderness – forests, deserts, lost in the mountains, left to ourselves in inhospitable gorges”, adding that guests often do not have any previous similar experiences and are simply pushed from the helicopters ”into the wilderness and survival”.

“Because of that, I have a strong respect for each of them, because relive their nervousness, sleepless nights with them, as we prepare for the first day of filming, and then all that adrenaline that accompanies us every step of the way for the next two days. These people are like Đoković, fully accomplished in their careers. They don’t do it for the sake of money or fame, because they have it in abundance. They simply want to have an adventure with me that awakens the primary instincts for surviving and protecting their loved ones, which are deeply hidden in all of us”, Bear Grylls concluded, acknowledging that even after 13 seasons of the show, he still faces challenges.




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