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Beauty of Nevesinje: Alagovac Lake


Alagovac Lake, popularly known as the “Nevesinje Sea”, is located at the foot of Mount Velež, about four kilometres north of Nevesinje and is the largest lake in the valley of Nevesinje.

It was made in 1968 by setting a dam across the Alagovac stream. The original purpose was to supply the town with water, but more and more tourists come to its shores lately.

Located at an altitude of 860 metres, it lures with its beauty and surroundings, tucked away in a forest.

The beaches are sandy and do not need additional landscaping.

Everyone who comes can stay comfortably, sunbathe, or simply stay in the shade. One beach has a campsite with a volleyball court, benches and barbecues, so one can stay here for several days. On the promenade around the lake, there are benches and places for barbecue as well.




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