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“Beer Bike” – the first moving pub in Višegrad


Explore and experience Visegrad in a new, attractive and unforgettable manner, pedaling on a light mobile pub for sightseeing, having fun with friends, family or colleagues, while sipping top quality domestic craft beer.

The first Višegrad mobile pub, “BEER BIKE”, is in use since a few days ago, when the first driving test was performed.

Owners say that pedaling is not an exhaustive one, but that the “BEER BIKE” in Višegrad has an auxiliary electric motor that can help you overcome two or three smaller elevations in the city.

In a mobile pub, illuminated by led lights, a premium craft beer drinks, listens to music at the guests’ request, and there are also many surprises. Also, guests are offered free snacks while driving through the city, which lasts about an hour and a half.

That this is an interesting tourist attraction is confirmed by the fact that the mobile pub among the first ones was tried by tourists who visited Višegrad.


Source: seesrpska


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