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Belgrade band perform “Next Year in Prizren” in Kosovo


Members of the veteran Belgrade-based hip-hop band Beogradski Sindikat have visited the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Gracanica in Kosovo.

The song mentions the town of Prizren in Kosovo because it was the ancient capital of the Serbian medieval empire – while the title itself is a paraphrase of the Jewish saying, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

The performance of the song in the monastery was accompanied by priest Ilarion on guitar.

The song – originally by Beogradski Sindikat and the ethno-band Trag – recently caused a stir in Serbia because YouTube considered removing it due to “disturbing content.”

The song is dedicated to all innocent victims in Kosovo and Metohija, and its message is to never forget them, and hope to God they do not repeat.

The video includes clips from documentary footage testifying to the suffering of the Serb nation and its holy places in Kosovo and Metohija.


Source: b92


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