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Belgrade Fortress is one of the 14 most endangered sites in Europe’s cultural heritage


Europe Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute yesterday announced 14 European shortlisted sites for the Seven Most Endangered Program in 2020.

Among the 14 most endangered European sites are located in Kalemegdan in Belgrade.

The Belgrade Fortress, an iconic symbol of the city, is threatened by a harmful cable car project which would drastically compromise the integrity of the site.

The Belgrade Fortress is one of the most important cultural monuments in the Republic of Serbia, with the Fortress and its surrounding landscape having borne witness to the presence of humans since the Neolithic Period, as evidenced by the remains from Celtic, Roman, Byzantine, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Serbian Middle Age periods as well as the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires.

The Belgrade Fortress and its Roman archaeological heritage (Ancient Singidunum) are on the Tentative List of UNESCO as part of the biggest pan-European transnational world heritage property, the Frontiers of the Roman Empire. The Kalemegdan Park, located at the Fortress, is much loved by the city’s residents and its extraordinary position overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers offers protected viewpoints of outstanding beauty.

The nominator of the Belgrade Fortress and its surroundings is Europa Nostra Serbia.


Source: europanostra.org


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