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Belgrade is now the most intelligent city in the world: More than 500 members of Mensa with the IQ over 130 gathered in the Serbian capital


Mensa is, according to its members, an association of friends, or the gathering of people of different origins, inclinations, age, and interest.

Gathering of Mensa members started last night in Stari Dvor in Belgrade and 500 members of this organization from all over the world will take part in it.

President of Mensa in Serbia Aleksandra Borovic welcomed all participants of the gathering with the hope that they will have a good time in Belgrade during the course of the meeting.

Mensa is an organization that gathers members whose IQ is 131 or more according to Wechsler, or 133 according to Stanford–Binet, or over 148 or more according to Cattell scale.

Members act in accordance with their own lifestyles, and the association gives the people of high intelligence the opportunity to meet, talk, share thoughts and experiences, and to have fun, according to the site of this organization.


Source: telegraf


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