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Berton: The issue of BiH membership in NATO is used to postpone the formation of the government


The Head of the OSCE Mission in Bosnia Bruce Berton said he believes that the issue of Bosnia’s NATO membership is being used in order to postpone the formation of the government.

Not forming authorities in Bosnia represents an obstacle for all reforms necessary for the country to implement in its Euro-Atlantic integration process, he argued.

He referred to a failed Tuesday session where Bosnia’s three Presidency members were supposed to discuss the forming of the government after the October 2018 election and whether the country will send the Annual National Programme (ANP) to NATO, a step toward Bosnia joining the alliance.

While the Croat and Bosniak Presidency members want the country to move forward with this process, the Bosnian Serb member, Milorad Dodik, vehemently opposes it. The new Prime Minister is supposed to come from Dodik’s party, and the other two Presidency members refuse to vote for his appointment if the ANP is not sent.

OSCE’s Bruce Berton said that the OSCE asks of the Bosnia’s Presidency members “to reach a compromise in other to achieve progress.”

The OSCE does not have a stance on whether Bosnia should become a NATO member or not, he stressed, adding that the country’s citizens should decide on it.


Source: N1


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