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Best Students Will Be Able to Do Internship as of August 1


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković has said that best students from two public universities will be able to enter the system and do an internship as of August 1 in order to acquire conditions to get jobs.

Višković has said that this is a good move by the Republika Srpska Government and that these young people, best students from all faculties of the Banjaluka and East Sarajevo Universities, should be a pillar of development of Srpska in the future.

“I call on all who are interested in seeing these young people in their collectives to take this opportunity and apply for the program that will be implemented via the Employment Bureau. The deadline for filing applications is July 20,” Višković said.

Noting that the Government has secured the money for the implementation of the program, Višković told Srna that if some institution, in keeping with rules of the Employment Bureau, cannot apply for these funds, the Government will in this case help and allocate funds for the purpose.

“It is our goal and priority to enable our best students to enter the system and do an internship as of August 1,” Višković said.

He recalled that the Government earlier entered a program to secure jobs for valedictorians from two public universities because of results they accomplished by their work and announced that this will become a common practice.

“We used to do this at the end of March or beginning of April, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this was postponed, and we will start these activities these days in cooperation with the Employment Bureau, so that all best students from two public universities, regardless of what faculty they graduated from, will be enabled to do an internship in institutions of Republika Srpska and the public sector,” Višković said.

He has said that the Republika Srpska Government will continue this practice in the future, by which it wants to demonstrate that it is responsible and that it is taking care of young people who accomplished extraordinary results in studies.

“This is also a promotion of our universities, and by this, we are demonstrating that someone is watching their work and students’ work. These children deserve to be repaid this way by Republika Srpska for their hard work, and we will do it in the future as well,” Višković concluded.


Source: SRNA


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