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“Better not to open chapters than undermine our interests”


Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said late on Tuesday that Serbia “as serious state must preserve its independence.”
Dacic added that it would be better not to open chapters in the accession negotiations with the European Union than to undermine the country’s national interests.

“If someone thinks that it is enough for someone to say ‘we’re not opening chapters, sign under everything for us’, I think it’s ridiculous and frivolous,” Dacic said at the Palace of Serbia, where he was attending a ceremony marking the anniversary of the UN.

Dacic underlined that those who want to negotiate and talk with Serbia can do so only if they respect our interests, and that this is a two way process.

“We’re not a punching and an ultimatums bag,” he stressed.

The minister added that agreement could not be reached on some issues during the negotiations with Pristina, such as telecommunications, and that some countries do not want to open new chapters in October.

“In December there will be new attempts, we will see what will happen. The chapters that should be opened have nothing to do with the issues we’re talking about. It’s about public procurement, culture and education. These chapters were ready for opening,” explained Dacic.

Dacic said that Serbia wants dialogue, not monologue – and that dialogue means compromise, “while compromise means that everyone gets something they do not want, not someone showing up and saying something must be signed.”

Source: Tanjug


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