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BH: Budget adopted for 2014


BH House of Representatives, after a heated debate, adopted next years budget at first reading.

21 MP’s voted in favor (SNSD, DSN, SDP, SBB, HSP, two HDZ and NSRzB), whilst 14 voted against (SDS, PDP, SDA and SBiH).

Amendments to the Law on Elektroprenos were also urgently adopted with 21 votes in favor (SNSD, SDP, two HDZ, HSP, NSRzB and DNS) and 18 against (SDS, PDP, SDA, SBB, DNZ and SBiH).

The amendments provide that the Assembly of Shareholders of Elektroprenos BH shall decide how to distribute profits and retained earnings, at the proposal of the Board of Directors and after the adoption of the financial statements.

The Parliament will discuss the budget again on the 16th of December, when the parties will submit amendments.


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