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B&H first in the region in electricity exports


According to recent data, B&H is the first in the region in electricity exports.

Namely, in the last three years Bosnia and Herzegovina was 24th in the world in the export of electricity. B&H’s plants for electricity produced over 6.905 billion kWh in 2010, which is more than half the required amount we spend.

Germany is the first in exports. This state generated 66,810 billion kWh for exports in the same period.

Among the countries in the region, Slovenia came in behind B&H with 5.915 billion kWh; Croatian is in 50th place, Serbia in 54th and Montenegro in 61st.

It should be noted that exports in 2013 increased by 240% compared to 2012, while the production of electricity exceeded the needs of the local population by 60%.

A total of 49% electricity generated in B&H comes from hydro-power.



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