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B&H has 90 multimillionaires


Although B&H is facing the deepest economic and social crisis in 20 years, in the last 12 months the country has received five new multimillionaires whose wealth is estimated to be worth over 30 million dollars. This data was confirmed by the reputable international company “Wealth-X”.

Namely, in B&H there are 90 multimillionaires, 5.9 %more then there were in 2012. The capital at their disposal is estimated to be around nine billion dollars, confirmed Fauzi Ahmad, director of communications of “Wealth-X” headquarters in Singapore.

The names of our super-rich citizens are secret, as is the manner in which they acquired their enormous wealth.

For Igor Gavran, economic analysts, this data is surprising,  however he confirmed that in semi-democratic or non-democratic systems this trend is usual. He added that B&H has lost its middle class and that it is easy to conclude that many of the super-rich obtained their wealth through illegal ways.

It is interesting that in B&H the number of super-rich increased from 65 to 85 from 2012 to 2013, and the total assets from 8 to 9 billion dollars.

In the same period, the growth rate of the number of super-rich and their capital was 30.2 percent, which was by far the highest in Europe (second highest was in Luxembourg, 9.4 percent).

If we compare B&H to countries in the region, Serbia has 100 super-rich individuals, while Croatia is the leader with 280 multimillionaires. The country with the most multimillionaires in Europe is Germany, second is the United Kingdom, and Switzerland is third.


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