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B&H has the potential for the Creative Europe program


Bosnia and Herzegovina has the potential for the new EU program 2014-2020 titled “Creative Europe”. It has already been in the program, which means that it withdrew more money than it paid for the entry ticket – said Luba Pavlova, director of the Agency for Regional Development in Bratislava and an expert on the EU project “Support to the participation of B&H in new cycle of EU programs 2014-2020”, to the Fena agency.

Since it is not an EU member, Bosnia and Herzegovina, under certain conditions, has the right to participate, namely the civil society can actively participate in the new EU programs 2014-2020: Horizon, Cosme, Erasmus + Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens, Employment and Social Innovation, Life, Health for Growth, Rights and Citizenship.

“BiH has to pay a certain amount, which it can also pay via IPA (Pre-Accession Assistance). These are all procedures that B&H must fulfill to participate in these programs, because they must have the capacity and human resources that are capable and of sufficient quality to be able to get grants,” noted Pavlova.

In addition to these capacities, she states that B&H must have the capacity to create partnerships because each program is based on cooperation.


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