Home Business B&H is heading down the Argentinian road to bankruptcy

B&H is heading down the Argentinian road to bankruptcy


Economic experts in B&H, after the revolt of the citizens, believe that the country is increasingly resembling Argentina in 2002. Due to this, their expert analysis often contain words such as the “Argentinian scenario” in B&H, as well as poverty, deficits, bankruptcy and social unrest.

However, no one can with certainty say that B&H will live to see the “miraculous healing” seen in Argentina and brought about by a change in government and the arrival of a new generation of politicians.

An economic analyst from Banjaluka, Zoran Pavlovic, finds an amazing similarity between today Bosnia and Argentina from 2002. He says that our politicians have ignored the fact that the country needs to develop economically using its own resources and human potential.

We are heading down the path of Argentina and wait for a president like Nestor Fernandez to show up and establish domestic production, employment and drastic cost reduction, said Pavlovic adding that although that seems Utopian, he believes there is still a glimmer hope for B&H, reflected in the activism of the citizens.


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