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Mountaineer from Foca recorded his close Encounter with a Bear in Perucica (VIDEO)


Famous BH mountaineer from Foca, Ognjen Milicevic, had a “close” encounter with a bear in the rainforest Perucica, and he managed to record it with his camera. He shared it on his Facebook profile with a message “Be careful with your friends, not animals”, which caused great reactions and comments.

“I was only a few meters away from the bear, and no one ever came so near to him. At that moment, the adrenaline “kicked” in and I wanted to get even closer. I was a bit scared when everything was over and when I actually thought about what could happen if he decided to go after me,” said Ognjen Milicevic.

He added that there are numerous bears in the rainforest, but this was his very first encounter. He had a similar encounter with the wolf before, on just a few meters of distance, but he did not have a phone in his hand then to record it.

The 30-year-old Ognjen works as a skipper in the famous rafting camp Highlander in Bastasi near Foca, and he is recreationally dealing with mountaineering, mountain biking, hunting, fishing and he loves everything related to nature and healthy life.

Millicevic is well-known as one of the best promoters of natural beauty in the surrounding of Foca, he loves mountain peaks, rainforest Perucica, mountain lakes and other beauties, and he enjoys bicycle tours in the National Park Sutjeska, beautiful landscapes, and the video shows that he also enjoys encounters with animals that many people would run away from.



Source: sarajevotimes


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