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B&H must grow up and get serious


Foreign Ministers of EU member states urge B&H to “grow up and get serious”, adding that the EU must come up with a proactive policy and a new approach for B&H.

This year, like the previous, the EU Council of Ministers reiterated its “serious concerns” over the fact that the process of European integration of B&H has stalled due to a “lack of political will on behalf of the leaders of B&H”.

The European Council of Ministers listed the continuing rhetoric of strife in Bosnia in its annual findings. It warns that while the region is progressing, B&H lags behind.

Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, at the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels, reiterated that B&H must reach a sustainable agreement on the implementation of the ruling in the case Sejdic-Finns.

Miroslav Lajcak, Slovak Foreign Minister, added that no one is talking about B&H at the moment, whilst other countries in the region are making a progress towards the EU.


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