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B&H turns a blind eye to recycling – All waste sent to landfill


For European family members who aren’t in the EU28, recycling appears not to be a priority.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia sent all of their treated municipal waste to landfill dumps.

The newly released Eurostat research for 2012 looked at household and small businesses’ trash but not any from agriculture or industry.

Turkey was another low performer, landfilling an estimated 99% of its treated municipal waste, recycling the remaining 1%.

The amount of waste per person for each of the four nations was below the average for the EU28 of 492kg.

Around 346 kg of waste was generated by the average Bosnian and Herzegovinian, with 284kg of that going to landfill.

The Turks generated 390kg per head, Macedonians 381kg and the Serbians 364kg per person.

Source: energylivenews.com


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