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B&H will partially participate in the Erasmus + program


The European Parliament approved 14.7 billion EUR for the seven-year Erasmus Plus program last year, of which 10 percent or 1.47 billion is intended for projects involving young people, word is from the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports. The amount of money which will be allocated to B&H depends on the projects approved for applicants from B&H by the EACEA.

The Erasmus Plus program is not only for students, but is a new program that has brought together a number of previous programs aimed at young people and their advancement.

One of the programs, “Youth in Action”, aimed at supporting the activities of the non-formal education of young people abroad, has now been encompassed by the Erasmus Plus program, meaning that most of the activities carried out through the financial support of the “Youth in Action” program, will be available in the new Erasmus program.

B&H is now expecting to sign a memorandum with the European Commission which will complete the procedure of its accession to partial membership in the Erasmus + program, the status offered to it by the European Commission.

According to the currently applicable conditions of participation in Erasmus + program, young people and organizations in from B&H are in a completely equal position to those of the Western Balkans, reads a statement from the Ministry.


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