Home News B&H will reach Europe in a 157 years

B&H will reach Europe in a 157 years

BiH i EU

With a modest economic growth of one per cent, B&H will need 157 years to reach the development level of countries in the EU, according to a survey of economic experts from Serbia and Croatia.

Economics professors Drago Pupavac and Danica Drakulic, through extensive research, concluded that Serbia needs 24 years less than B&H and Croatia 64 years less for an economic shift to occur.

They added that the past 12 years have shown that the political, social and educational systems are extremely poor and that it is time to leave the current path of transition and find a new model.

The situation is the same in all countries in the Western Balkans and thus new methods need to be sought that will allow for the development level to reach the European.


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