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BH’s EU accession talks in a deadlock


Benelux countries deem that BH has come to a complete deadlock on the road to the EU, which is why they support the EU’s decision to reduce and redistribute the resources from IPA funds.

In a joint statement, delegations of the Benelux countries state that Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have repeatedly expressed concern over the political situation in BH, as well as the recent release of convicted war criminals whilst they await retrial.

Benelux countries wish to remind BH politicians that the Communiqué of the Peace Implementation Council states that justice and accountability for war crimes are the basic components in the process of reconciliation and that the conclusion made by the European Court of Human Rights cannot be used for political purposes.

The political representatives of BH must put the strategic interests of the country and its people ahead of ethnic goals, starting with an agreement on the implementation of the decision on Sejdic – Finci, reads the Benelux statement.

The statement notes that BH should urgently establish a mechanism for EU coordination, which allows all levels of government to coordinate their positions on EU issues.

Furthermore, the Benelux countries believe that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina should hold their politicians responsible for the current impasse in the process of European integration, adding that the general election in 2014 is of vital importance for the future of BH.


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