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Big Investments Are a Lifeline for Construction


The volume of construction work in Srpska in the fourth quarter of last year was 4.5 percent lower than in the same period in 2018. The reasons for this decline, among other things, is the lack of skilled workers.

According to data from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Srpska, the volume of construction work in Srpska in the last three months of last year was 7.9 percent lower than in the same period of 2018, while construction in civil engineering fell by two percent.

Secretary of the Construction Association at the RS Chamber of Commerce Mile Petrović says that, given the overall trends, the situation in the RS construction sector cannot be considered completely satisfactory, and that without major public investments, no major shifts should be expected.

– This is a sector that drives other branches of the economy and therefore the growth of the construction sector is very significant. What is important to note is the fact that the construction sector is in the expansion phase, especially in the area of ​​housing construction, which results in an increase in the number of new apartments – said Petrović.

He added that the downward trend in the value of construction put in place lies in the fact that in the previous period there were a number of infrastructure projects that have significantly affected the value of construction works performed last year.

– A limiting factor in the development of construction is the fact that there are a growing number of skilled workers who can adequately respond to construction work tasks. There are fewer and fewer young people who are interested in this type of work so that they can take over knowledge from “older” workers who are about to set off on their careers – says Petrović.

Domestic companies, he points out, have a huge problem with the lack of skilled labor and it is very difficult to expect that domestic resources will improve in the coming period, although there is a constant increase in workers’ wages in the construction sector.

– One way of overcoming this problem is to re-qualify the occupations of unnecessary labor markets into the occupations that the economy needs, that is, adult training programs. The need to solve this problem was also recognized by the RS Chamber of Commerce, which formed the Educational Center – emphasized Petrović.

Rade Marković, the director of Marković Invest – RM, says that he is satisfied with the volume of work and that his company has not experienced a crisis at any moment.

– We work at full capacity non-stop, except in January, when I gave the workers time off for the holidays. This year we expect even more work, which is why I am constantly recruiting new employees – said Marković.

Darko Sikimić the owner of “Darko Commerc”  is pleased with the volume of work, saying that he expects more work.

– Given that we are engaged in the production and sale of concrete with certainty, I can say that there was work. And if the day is known by morning, then this year will be even better as far as construction is concerned – said Sikimić.

Production in construction last year compared to 2018.

Quarter        The Fall

first              2.9%

the second    6.6%

third             8.6%

fourth           4,5%




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