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BiH and Serbia Remain Outside the “Green” List for Travel to the EU


EU member states will not change the list of countries whose citizens, based on epidemiological data, are allowed free entry into the Schengen territory, Tanjug has learned in Brussels.

Thus, BiH, as well as Serbia, remain under temporary restrictions when it comes to travel to the EU.

Although it is planned that the “list of third countries” will be updated every two weeks, this time it was not even on the agenda of the EU ambassadors who are meeting in Brussels today.

Tanjug was told that already during the preparatory meetings at the level of the working groups of the Council of the EU, it was concluded that there is currently no possibility for “opening” the EU towards new countries.

In Brussels, they estimate that having in mind the new wave of the coronavirus around the world, the list for free travel across the EU borders can only decrease, but not increase in the coming period.




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