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BiH Constitutional Court renders unlawful ruling to humiliate Srpska


 Republika Srpska Senator Jelena Guskova told SRNA that the unlawful decision of the BiH Constitutional Court to abolish January 9, the Republika Srpska Day, was reached to humiliate Srpska due to persistence, defiance and broad mindedness of the Serb people who have been creating their own republic,which is the strongest part of BiH, since 1995.Guskova says that no one from abroad can decide on what is the being of the Serb people and that she fully supports the Republika Srpska Government and Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik, who has stated that marking Saint Stefan in Srpska next year will be ceremonial than ever.

“It is not acceptable in civilised Europe that someone decides on your behalf whether to allow you to go to church and celebrate patron saint day, as the Serbs celebrated it under Turkish domination. We support the government of Republika Srpska,” said Guskova.

She has said that the decision of the BiH Constitutional Court is unlawful since it has not been supported by the representatives of all constituent peoples in BiH, but the Bosniak and international judges, who do not know much about tradition and what is important for the Serbs.

“They do not know how to destroy Republika Srpska, therefore they started from what is the most painful for the Serbs. President Milorad Dodik answered well and the entire nation will support him,” said Guskova and stressed that she would attend the celebration of the Republika Srpska Day – St. Stefan, on January 9.

Guskova, who is an international member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, pointed out that a referendum on any matter is a good method for Republika Srpska, as proven in the past.

“I know how such method was used in the mid nineties, especially in connection with the Van-Owen plan. Now we need to continue with the tradition,” said Guskova.

She also pointed out that Europe shows its real face when it comes to the referendums.

“The referendum is the most important democratic procedure across Europe. Europe loves the referendums and it supports them in every problem-facing country, thus the referendum is very important as such. However, when it comes to the Serbs and Srpska, and the Russians, Europe loves to give orders to the Serbs, who they think are on the knees, not to allowed them to determine their own destiny,” concluded Guskova.

Source: SRNA


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